• The Next Big Thing: The Game of Entrepreneurship

    A board game for people who are into being startup superheroes, changing the world, and becoming billionaires. Take on the role of a startup founder to create "the next big thing." Create a company using your savings and superpower skills (i.e. programming, design, sales, marketing, etc.), gain traction, and raise multiple rounds of capital from investors.

    Players experience the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial journey including: increasing revenues while balancing against expenses (try not to go bankrupt!), various types of significant events (good and bad!), and creating an impact that changes the world (as it's not just about the money!).


    There are multiple paths players can take during the game such as an accelerator path (a startup university), pivot paths (take longer and cost more), and if you survive to the end players get the opportunity to decide if they want to be acquired or do an IPO. The winner is the player who exits ("cashes out") for the most money and generates the largest positive impact on the world.

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